Opium is an oriental themed cocktail bar and Dim Sum parlour located right in the heart of Chinatown, hidden above Gerrard Street. If you can find the Jade Door when the hinges are open, find your way up the red stairs and let us transport you back to 1920’s Shanghai with a twist of modern indulgence.

Find yourself in one of our three different bars, which are divided across two floors, and all serve dim sum.

The Apothecary which finds you either in the Tea Parlour, The Greenhouse or sat at the counter ordering mixed-up potions and measures of spirits from the wall of medicinal bottles – you don’t have to learn Cantonese, we promise! Our bar tender have done it for you!

Academy is on the top floor with one half set as an old Chinese family lounge area spun into another dimension as Martinis and flaming Dragons are whipped around the armchairs to your table, and the other half as The Carriage full of booths leading to the Bartender’s Table where guests mix and sit with the bartender, chatting and ordering directly with cocktails being made on their shared table.

Peony is the hidden den within Opium, behind the red curtain. Peony has a different cocktail list and has a unique self-contained cosiness with a few different table arrangements including its own younger brother style mirror of the Bartender’s Table two levels above.  Peony is often considered the most romantic room and can also be very suited to groups of around 30 people.