Opium press


Three flights up… is a two floor den of delight. If we were back in the days of Oscar Wilde, this is where dear Dorian Gray would carry out his exploits with a haze of smoke surrounding him. The bar staff are lovely and very willing to talk about Opium’s premium cocktails.


This place is Eastern smoking den meets Western hipster hangout. Very theatrical…. but that’s nothing on the drinks. 4 Stars


It evokes a bohemian turn of the century opium den with nice details like apothecary bottles with labels written in Chinese. Cocktails are imaginative and served with plenty of pizzazz by the knowledgeable bartenders


A new contender has entered London’s cocktail game and the competition had better watch out. With inventive presentations and truly innovative mixes, the cocktails here are really quite special. And we can’t fault the carefully crafted dim sum either. Perfect for an intimate encounter but with enough space to book in a party for a group of friends, this is a drinking destination you must add to your list.

Opium Le Cool


This is a well thought out, grown up hangout, brought to us by big names in the industry. Each floor reveals more seductive surprises as Opium spirals upwards, evoking feelings of travel and adventure.